Amazon, Inc. (AMZN)

On Feb. 20, 2021, I recommended Amazon at $3,249.

What can I say about Amazon?

At $3249/share, AMZN is grossly underpriced. Yup, they’re underpriced. You might as well look at their current price like one of those 40%-off Black Friday sales.

Based on everything we know about Amazon, they’ll have a 3-trillion dollar market cap in less than a decade.

↬ eCommerce (, WOOT, Zappos, 6PM, etc.)

↬ Cloud Computing Services (AWS)

↬ Film/TV Production (Amazon Studios)

↬ Home Security (Ring, Alexa)

↬ HealthCare (Pillpack & unnamed Health Insurance co.)

↬ Groceries (Whole Foods)

↬ Streaming (Prime Video, Twitch)

Not to mention the rumored acquisitions of AMC Theaters, MGM, and Roku.

So, even if grabbing a few shares feels out of reach, you might want to go the fractional shares route and ride the Amazon Wave to $3 Trillion.

⇒ Price: $3,249
⇒ Target: $6,000
⇒ Current: yahoo finance