Here’s Why Marketers Delight is My Favorite Content Marketing Theme

Full Disclosure: After five (5) years as a customer, I joined Marketers Delight in May 2020. If you have any presale questions, you can find me (and the team) discussing all-things MD in the community forums.

Most WordPress Theme reviews are hype machines. The article or video steers you, the consumer, straight into buying mode, no matter the 1 1. An expense is a cost, but you can also use this word to mean the figurative cost of something. When you give one thing up in order to get something else, its cost or sacrifice is the expense of getting what you want. × cost.

Price is no object, structural integrity is an afterthought, and long-term sustainability is rarely a factor in the “recommendation.”

The tone and structure of said reviews take you from lukewarm curiosity to overhyped fanboy, or gal, with the misguided belief that the Theme is the end-all, be-all to your website and publishing needs.

I didn’t write this review to wrangle as many customers as possible—I just want to help you make an informed decision.

This is a no fluff, no hype review of Marketers Delight—the best Content Marketing Theme I’ve ever used.

For me, the value is undeniable. You get a beautiful, lightweight theme with robust features and an engaged community—all at a great price.

And with this review, I’m taking you inside the mind of a self-taught developer, with fearless determination and an obsession for clean lines and cleaner code.

You see, Marketers Delight is more than a WordPress theme—it’s the embodiment of its creator—The Kid—now a man whose philosophy to do more with less guides his development approach.

Alex the kid Mangini 2012

Some people use Pros and Cons to evaluate WordPress themes. I, on the other hand, have a more rudimentary grading system. I simply need to know if the Theme is good-looking, fast, lightweight, stable, and supported by the developer?

That’s it! Simple yet effective.

“Alex gives us so much with MD…and has a critical hand in the businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs. I’m grateful for MD, and my success is MDs success”.

Those words are still as true as when I first wrote them a couple of years ago during my consulting heyday.

Working at a frenetic pace from 2016-2018, I needed a website that matched my coaching style. It had to be sharp, clean, fast, and understated.

I wasn’t trying to dazzle anyone with gallery sliders, disorienting elements, or cascading effects—I simply wanted to express the steadiness and professionalism I would bring to the table.

I knew there was no need to create a flashy site—just one that could stand on its own. As a one-person consultancy, my website was my always-on, public-facing sales rep.

It’s like the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So in this age of impersonal communication and remote work, my websites’ look, feel, and performance was vital to my success.


You see, Marketers Delight didn’t box me in with a minimal, professional-looking website—it equipped me to build one, and for that, I’ll always be grateful to MD.

That was then, but what about now?

Excellent web hosting, value-based content, and consistent branding go a long way, but I’ve found that the most significant driver of referrals (other than my work, of course) is website performance.

No one…and I mean NO ONE is going to hire you, purchase your products, or consume your content if your website is slow or, for lack of a better word…ugly. You must put your best foot forward.

One of the best ways to do that is by letting Marketers Delight do the heavy lifting.

You’ll still need a good web host, and as the saying goes, content is king, but trust me, great design is your Ace in the hole.

From the [site] design dashboard, you can choose your font, adjust the layout, enable web services (think MailChimp, Google Fonts, etc.), build opt-in forms, and sharing preferences—all without installing 3rd-party plugins.

You can configure endless design combinations—you can tinker and tweak to your heart’s desire.

I, for one, have a fixation with font size, style, and weight, but hey, nobody’s perfect, and since changing the font is as easy as clicking a few buttons, why not have a little fun? Right?

But I digress.

These days, my minimally designed, text-dominant website, with no graphics, and very few visual effects, have people at The Financial Times and Panda Network complimenting my fast loading, lightweight site.

Sure, they might be blowing smoke up my butt…err…URL, but facts are facts. Even on a shared server, and without optimizing my website, it still outperforms the competition.

raylosophy gtmetrix
But what if you need more than minimal design?

Let’s face it, most site owners are more likely to choose style over substance.

But if your website helps you earn a living, support your family, or showcase your creativity, there’s no time for concessions—you need it all—style, substance, and functionality.

So, how will Marketers Delight enhance your business?

With pixel-perfect precision and boundless creativity, Marketers Delight will bring your business to life in an online world made of bit, bytes, and social shares—that’s how!

Written, audio, video, and visual content shines bright on MD, and your voice will be front and center for all the world to consume.

By definition, content marketing focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience. And as recent as 2019, Content Marketing has become the preferred engagement plan for most of the growing Consumer brands you know and love.

Finally, waking up to the realization that building your business through social and search isn’t financially sustainable, nor will it help you build YOUR brand. From Fortune500s to Small Businesses, many companies are doubling down on creating and distributing their content.

casperMattress and pillow peddler, Casper Sleep, earmarks millions of dollars to content marketing through their blog and silo-sites.

Mailchimp Email marketing software company, MailChimp swung into the Content Marketing space by acquiring London-based magazine, Courier Media.

duckduckgo Privacy-focused search company, DuckDuckGo uses its blog to promote the virtues of online/search privacy.

warbyparker Direct to consumer eye-wear behemoth, Warby Parker commits more resources to its blog than any other online channel.

the container store ‘Container Stories’ is a well-crafted space where brick and mortar speciality retailer ‘The Container Store’ publishes on-brand content.

Those are just a few of the brands that have shifted from social media marketing to niche-specific content marketing.

Like you, big-time brands want customers, clients, and subscribers to engage with them at every stage of the buying experience. The goal is to educate, nurture, and convert customers into repeat buyers. And for my money, owning and distributing your content on your platform, is the best way to do that.

Remember—your website is an extension of you and your business, so when you entrust Marketers Delight to put your content on full display, you can rest assured that your WordPress theme is fully optimized to help you do more with less.

Final Thoughts

Marketers Delight continues to evolve. For close to 10 years, MD has exceeded my expectations as its founder is the most agile and forward-thinking developer in the WordPress space.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big release or a small upgrade; Alex develops thoughtful and downright awesome features. The best part is, “the kid” is just getting warmed up.

So what are you waiting for? Get Marketers Delight today!

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  1. Welcome back, Ray! I didn’t think we’d ever see any new posts over here, but it’s nice to see you’re still feeding the beast.

    You’ve talked about Marketers Delight before, but it’s still exclusively for WordPress only, so it’s not a good fit for me since I’m more of a drag and drop designer.

  2. Hey Ryan, thanks for the welcome, and welcome back to the new, it’s good to have you here.

    I know you’re a drag-and-drop page builder evangelist, and I think you should stick to what you’re most comfortable with.

    Just be aware that MD plays quite nicely with some of the better WP page-builders out there.

    With Marketers Delight you won’t be locked out of using your favorite page builder, and more importantly, you won’t be locked-in to staying with a page builder once you’re ready to make a change.

    Oh yeah, I know you have a Gravatar account, so use your real email address when talking to me. Ya dig! Ha!

  3. This is a hard sale for a beginner like me. Themes like Socrates offer a one-time price of $27. How can I pay $67 every year for another theme just because it offers a few more features?

    • Hey Jason. I’d hardly call you a beginner. Your build—>sell business model has helped you design a very comfortable lifestyle. What are you cooking up these days?

      As for the Socrates Theme comparison—there’s really no comparison. Not because MD is head-and-shoulders better, but its really an apples vs. oranges comparison.

      MD and Socrates are both WordPress themes build to be fast and lightweight, but that’s where the similarities stop. I don’t know Dan personally, but his overall business model lends itself to one-time pricing because he uses Socrates as a gateway to his other offerings and email marketing business.

      He earns your business and trust with an excellent WP theme and then offers other great products. Which of course, is a great approach to online marketing.

      With that said, MD is still young and its pricing model is always evolving, but hardly a barrier to entry, for the right customer. MD is (at the time of this comment) offering an amazing deal to get 2 years of updates for $67, so this might be the best time to get onboard.

      In my opinion, Socrates is for someone who wants to dip their toes in the WordPress pond, while MD is better suited for someone who knows what they’re building but still needs the right tools.

      Lastly, I almost fell out of my chair when you said MD “offers a few more features”

      Come on J. You’re better than that.

      Even if you knew nothing about MD or Socrates, you can take one glance at each Themes sales page and see how wrong you are.

      I say all of this with the benefit of being a long-time MD user and a license holder/former user of Socrates.

      Again, I think Dan Nickerson is a fine developer and an even better businessman, but his theme is not Marketers Delight…and that is fine.

      I’ll be sure to publish a write-up on Socrates in the coming months. Feel free to check out The Stream for a quick screenshot of my Socrates dashboard in case you think I’m just talking out of my ___. Ha!

      See you around J, and thanks for the comment.

      • Touché. I’ve never owned Socrates or MarketersDelight so I’ll have to take your word for it. Maybe we can get on a call to discuss a smooth onboarding.

        • ☝️ Click the “Get Marketers Delight link”, download the parent and child themes, find a good web host, and then hit me up — I’ll happily get you up and running.

  4. Thank you for that great post Ray.

    I see MD as a very powerful tool for web developpers and web agency. I would dbuy 10 licenses of it if I had my own web agency.

    Regarding content marketers and solopreneurs, I would only go the MD way if I’m ready to invest at least 5 years in my project. Saying this out of my personal experience.

    • Hey Cedric — welcome to Raylosophy!

      I see your point. As you know, I think MD is good if you want to spin up a quick blog, and great for building a business, which for most people, fits into your 5+ year timeline.

      You’ve been a great source of inspiration for Marketers Delights since joining the community and I hope to see you around the forums for years to come.

    • I agree with you because not all projects are 5 year ventures. Sometimes you just want to set up a website quickly and without hassle.

      • True indeed Teck.

        For anyone who wants/needs to spin-up a quick website, Marketers Delight is perfect. Where a theme like Socrates might be a better solution, is if you ONLY want to write ➡️ publish ➡️ rinse and repeat.

        There’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do that with MD, but Socrates offers a very stripped-down, “nothing to see here” theme. Both options are great for spinning up quick websites — it’s just that your MD site would look a lot better.

  5. Really good article Mr. Smith, you really know how to make a guy think about his first love.

    I was one of Alex early customers when he was making Thesis Skins.

    I’ve watched Markerters Delight become a big deal in these here streets and now I might have to get that old thing back.

    • Well, you know what they say about first loves…”If it comes back to you, it is yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.”

      And MD is a big deal so from one early customer to another, come on back.

  6. There seems to be a firewall blocking me from purchasing the theme. Can you help with that?

    • Hey Ocian,

      This sounds like a matter for your ISP. If you’re based outside of the U.S. you may want to make sure you can use Stripe or PayPal. MD also offers Bitcoin as a payment option so…when there’s a will, there’s a way.

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