Adversity is Guaranteed but Misery is Optional

You’ve seen the stories where an average person successfully bounces back from great adversity. People like this know to move forward and start over again.

Why is it that some people seem to bounce back from adversity and others do not? Some people are practically destroyed by misfortune and are very good at remaining a victim. But others come back even stronger from adversity.

People that are very resilient have some unique traits. They are optimistic, accepting, and aware.

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Researchers have shown that resilient people are:

<bOptimistic about the future. Current challenges are viewed as temporary. There is a real expectation that things will improve in the near future.

Only when you’re lucky will you get more than you expect, so it’s wise to expect more of what you want!

Accepting of bad times. They realize that bad things are bound to happen. They accept it with a minimal amount of emotional fuss. Consider that getting upset has never been a genuine solution for any problem.

Aware of their strengths They have faith in themselves and believe they can be successful with their knowledge and abilities. Remember that it’s difficult to take action when you expect to fail.

Do you have these traits? Are you willing to do something to improve your resiliency?

It has been suggested that the ability to respond strongly in the face of adversity has a genetic component.

Some people are simply born with a greater capacity to deal with challenging times than others.